Sunday, September 28, 2014


Honourable Minister for Home, Shri Rajnath Singh
Respected Home Secretary Shri Anil Goswami

Dear Sir
I am a civilian citizen from Kerala, mailing to you due to the concern for my neighbouring state, Tamilnadu, in the context of riots and mob activities in TN, in wake of the conviction of Ms Jayalalitha, CM of TN.

Yesterday witnessed rampant mob activities in the state, disrupting road traffic, stoning buses, blocking trains, leaving passengers stranded in the roads and streets. Hooliganism at its worst, destroying public property in the face of Police personnel who were standing unconcerned.
The Kerala State Transport Corporation withdrew all their bus services to TN as and when the news of violence broke out and the commuting buses where called back from their services. Kindly note that this act by a Government of Kerala is a mockery towards the spirit of law and order and  justice expected of a Government or public sector body in a civilized society. "Play it safe" may be the policy, but a state Government running away from a riot doesn't suit a law enforced democratic society like ours. Kindly think about the message this act leaves on the civilian public who are left stranded on the roads, with no one to turn to or reach out to.
Does it mean that few miscreants in a state can destabilize the transport between two states? Are the state governments accountable to the majority of unorganised public or to a few organised miscreants?

This goes to prove that ours is a rather fragile democracy. As and when a slight disruption occurs, we need run off and hide?

The Kerala CM shri Oomen Chandy magnanimously stated to the press and TV channels that Kerala has nothing to worry about with regards to security problems and disruptions in TN, as if TN and Kerala are two separate countries.
Kindly note that there are no Statesmen in TN politics.

Whatever is happening is about personal vendetta between the major political players. Whereas personal vendetta and violence is limited the workers and leaders of lowest rung among political parties in other states, TN is an exception in that it is  a blatant and ruthless fact of spite and capriciousness and blood fued between the topmost leaders namely Ms Jayalalitha and Mr. Karunanidhi.

The Police and bureaucracy of TN are highy polarised and partisan.The general public are too high strung, emotional and sentimental. They would immolate themselves for displaying their allegiance for their leaders and engage in most shameless and mindless violence when provoked. And the political class would not mind provoking them to kill each other to extract political vengeance and milage.

All the schools in TN state were closed for the noon as  precaution against EXPECTED violence and riots. This speaks volumes about the rule of law in the state.
Kindly note that it was in 2002, after a previous court ruling against Ms Jayalalitha, a violent mob burnt up a school bus along with many girl students inside the bus.
Kindly do what is needful in bringing back rule of law  and please do whatever you can in your capacity to safe guard the lives and rights of the majority of the public bearing the brunt of hooliganism the organised mobbing, even if it means to recommend imposing Emergency in Tamilnadu.

Nataraj S Narayan

Saturday, September 13, 2014

LIC of India, a fiasco

Honorable Chairman/ Managing Director
LIC of India

I am a customer of LIC of India, Kottayam Branch II, Kerala. I had mailed you previously in 2013 to convey my grievance with regards to a lapse of my Anmol Jeevan policy No:392615494. The lapse of my policy happened due to my naivity in trusting LIC of India, and its value added services through your portal. I had registered for E-mail and SMS alerts, but in the fated month of payment of premium in 2013, I recieved no notification by post, email or sms. Also I did not recieve any letter or intimation about the lapse from you, and myself did not know about the lapse and lack of coverage, until I checked in to portal for payment.
The ongoing policies I have registered in the portal being . As of now, not a single Mail or SMS alert is received. I am an IT professional, and in my capacity I have installed and serviced Mail and SMS gateways/server in PSUs like BSNL.  It is hardly rocket science to setup and scale a good Mailing/SMS system, only a little sense of dedication and accountability to a cause in sustaining a facility offered by you. By the way, only an Indian PSU can get away by simply informing "SMS alert doesn't work".  On the other hand, I am promptly receiving your marketing mails regularly.

I received a letter from your branch II, Kottayam an offer for revival of lapsed policies with Ref:BO/78V/PS/Revivals, dated 16/08/2014. Kindly note that I recieved the letter on 10/09/2014, at my normal address, in Ettumanoor. You can very well pass on the buck to Postal department for the late delivery and rest assured it is the job of the customer to bear with the insidious ways of both governmental organisations.

Mentioned below is a mail I recieved from Chief Manager, presumably from Kottayam branch, as a reply to my query about waiver of Medical exam charges, which has been refused.

How much ever you hide under the IRDA rules or the claim that "sending reminder/notices are not obligatory on our part", I still contend that I am not responsible for the lapse of my policy. It happened  due to the  incompetence of your IT infrastructure and general mis management and "take it or leave it attitude" towards us, your customers.
Thus, I expect to get policy revived without Medical report requirements or LIC of India bearing the expense of Medical diagnostics on my behalf.
The  below mentioned '############' which is the authorized one to conduct medical examination for LIC, Kottayam is a shabby place, just one of those institutions deriving business from LIC of India, suspect of a liasion between these instition and the LIC agents and officials of LIC, in simply conducting the tests for the namesake, to satisfy the beurocrotic procedures and to generate business for agent and LIC branch, rather than a genuine report to gauge the viability ofthe policy. I have apprehensions about subjecting myself at such a place.

You might be feeling complacent in being a mammoth public sector undertaking with big rural base. But please be warned that you are not going to survive beyond the next decade with the level of accountability you are displaying.

 I being a civilian citizen of India, have reached out and looked at Indian PSUs in awe, reverence and trust. Please don't leave me stranded and regretting about my naivety and ignorance in trusting the workings of a government run organisation.

Warm regards
Nataraj S Narayan